Vape Education, Free Food, and Elections on Tuesday!


We will be having a special guest speaker at our meeting next week:

Stephan Lambert, a coordinator for prevention education for the Orange County Department of Education, will be coming to provide education on the rising vape epidemic. We are seeing more and more instances of vape use by students at the middle and high school levels.

This talk will cover:

– The different vape devices out there and what they look like

– The ways companies are appealing to kids

– Statistics regarding health concerns of vaping

– Myths of the vape

– How to educate children about the dangers of vaping

We will have a free TACO GUY for the first 50 people, and childcare will be provided by Rainbow Rising.

After the talk, we will be holding our elections for next year’s PTA Board.

Taco Guy starts at 5:45 and our meeting begins at 6pm. Hope to see you there!


PTA Board

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