Volunteers Needed for Red Ribbon Week

Good Morning Eastwood Parents,
We need volunteers for next week’s Red Ribbon Week! Each activity is only 1-2 hours of commitment.

We need help with the following.

Farm Fresh to you Assembly: We need a few parents to help prepare (wash/cut) samples and pass out to students. 10/23 @ 1:45-2:55

RRW school banner: Wed 10/24 during lunch, all students will fill out a rocket with their name and "what they want to be when they grow up" or "where they want to go". Student Council will be helping me but I need 2 or 3 parents as well.

Penny: Fri 10/26 10-11am We will need 3 parents to help collect, sort, and transport pennies to Irvine City Council. Someone will be at City Council to help unload pennies.

If you can volunteer, please contact Kajal at kajal.solanki@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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